Consulting Services

Consulting Services

You have taken the initiative to make a difference to the society, allow us to pave the path for you. We at Khwahish provide you different set of consulting services to ensure smooth & structural flow of operations. Our services are listed below :

Campaign Design
A successful campaign takes much more than a good cause. Your sentiments should reach the masses for them to reciprocate. We help you design & implement a good marketing strategy and communications to allow you gather maximum support from masses

CSR funding
We connect you to various corporates associated with us and facilitate funding & moral support for your cause. Get known names associated with you for a better promotion & reach

Every engine need fuel to run and we help you arrange that. You can submit your requirements to us and we can help you with shortlisting a suitable person or persons suited for your project

Project Reports
We can help you create and promote success stories and reports with hard hitting content to ensure maximum impact. This will help you gather more supporters and gain people’s trust for your good work

Field Surveys & feedbacks
To design a suitable project based on geography and people’s preference you might need some kick starter survey to help you understand the demographics. This will ensure a better pitch for the masses and better chances of success for your supported cause


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