What is Crowd funding

Crowd funding is getting funding from your support crowd. It involves requesting people to donate to your cause. Smaller contributions from individuals collectively sum up to an amount good enough to make a bigger impact.

Apart from financial benefits, the following are non financial benefits of crowd funding.

Profile : A compelling project can raise a producer's profile and provide a boost to their reputation.

Marketing : Project initiators can show there is an audience and market for their project. In the case of an unsuccessful campaign, it provides good market feedback.

Audience engagement : Crowd funding creates a forum where project initiators can engage with their audiences. Audience can engage in the production process by following progress through updates from the creators and sharing feedback via comment features on the project's crowd funding page.

Feedback : Offering pre-release access to content or the opportunity to beta-test content to project backers as a part of the funding incentives provides the project initiators with instant access to good market testing feedback.

Why Khwahish

  • We work on zero commission model, what you raise is what you get
  • We don’t promote individual campaigns but ones targeted for greater good of society.
  • We follow a scrutiny process allowing only genuine people to post campaigns.
  • We ensure that your money actually goes to the needy ones ,and not frauds
  • We help you market your campaign for maximum reach
  • We believe in transparency. Get a detailed feedback of how your money is getting utilized
  • Record keeping is important. Download your donation invoice and tax exemption 80G form whenever you want.

For NGOs

You can go to the below link and fill in your complete details to register yourself. www.khwahish.org

Once you are registered with us you can start a campaign under your account, fill in the details and post it for approval. Once approved, it’ll go live for the donors.

Once you post the campaign and you have filed all details correctly, your campaign will go live within 24-48 hours.

You can choose the cause you want to support out of the following interests: Animal welfare | Children | Civil Rights | Country Development | Disabled |Education | Elderly | Environment | Freedom of expression | Gender or sexuality | Health | Human Rights | Livelihood Creation | Self – Improvement | Social Change | Social Entrepreneurship

For Individuals

You can go to the below link and fill in your complete details to register yourself. www.khwahish.org

You can visit the donate tab, search the cause you want to support and make your donation online.

You can share the campaign to your social circle via social handles to promote your campaign and attract maximum donations.

No. We only allow campaigns targeted for benefit of the society as a whole.

You need to associate yourself with an NGO you want to make a medium to support your cause. Once their approval comes through and your account level allows you to fundraise then you can go ahead and make your campaign live.

At any given moment you can go live with only one campaign.

Generally a campaign is live for 30 days but you can choose your timelines as per your need.

An email and message will be sent to your registered details

Once you campaign is finished, the amount collected is disbursed to the registered account of your selected NGO

Need not worry, we’ll disburse whatever amount you have raised through your campaign.

That’s great and we’ll disburse the whole amount to your registered account.

  • Provide appealing content for your fundraiser
  • Share it to your social circle
  • Express gratitude to your supporters to encourage more donations, a simple thank you mail works at times
  • Share your progress to your supporters and social circle

  • Ours is a platform working hard to bring about the required changes in the society.
  • You can support the family by sharing the things you believe in to your social circle
  • Write posts & blogs to promote the habit of giving amongst people.
  • Raise campaigns to support your social cause
  • Review campaigns to help them improve
  • Get rewards for your donations and redeem them as per your desire out of the available options

For Corporates

You can go to the below link and fill in your complete details to register yourself. www.khwahish.org

  • CSR Implementation
  • We help you plan you CSR activities with selected vetted NGOs and take care of the execution as well.
  • Due diligence for NGOs
  • We connect you to verified NGOs to support your selected cause
  • Employee Engagement
  • We take care of planning & execution of activities for employee engagement to increase their social contribution and promote donation as a habit
  • Employee Contribution
  • We allow employees to opt for a monthly giving where they can choose to contribute certain amount of their salary to their selected cause on a monthly basis

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