Crowdfunding Tips


Crowdfunding is the practice of supporting a cause or initiative by raising small amount of funds from a large number of people, majorly via internet.

Scope of Crowdfunding in India

Online crowdfunding has taken the entire economic world by storm and India is no exception. Especially in the field of social causes, India has already witnessed quite a few success stories owing to crowdfunding. Prajwala, an organization dedicated to rescuing women who were forced into sex-trafficking against their will and exploited for nefarious purposes, managed to raise a sum of $260,000 from across 27 nations worldwide. Crowdfunding in India is still in its infancy and people are still struggling to accept the concept but despite the initial challenges, the future belong to online fundraising as it’s an easy way to reach the rural areas, generally inaccessible to the urban population.


Crowdfunding Tips

There are people in the society who are facing hardships alone and then there are people who can lend a helping hand. Online crowdfunding is the way to bridge this gap and connect the givers to the takers. Through crowdfunding you can donate to a cause for online charity, volunteer for a social event or simply reach out to the masses by expressing views through blogs.

Confused about how to go about this? Don’t be. What matters is that you want to do good, leave the process to us.




You can easily sign up with Khwahish to start an online fundraising campaign. Remember to put in maximum details to make it compelling for donors. Include facts, figures and images to increase your donor base and make the campaign a SUCCESS!



Put your social network to good use. Share your fundraiser across your friends and family and other potential donors through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other platforms. You’ll be amazed to see the support. Spread the word, make some NOISE.



See your funds grow with every small donation done by individuals across the globe. Once you are done, the raised amount will be transferred directly to your account. Use the collected amount to support your cause. See your social dream of doing good come TRUE.


1. Versatile Vision

While crowdfunding, your should clearly communicate the purpose of your fundraising campaign to the potential donors. This will help them understand your sentiments and relate to you better. Your clarity of intention will be reciprocated by the donors, making your campaign a SUCCESS!

2. Achievable Aim

Your social cause should be justified with an amount you want to raise. Knowing about the associated costs will ensure that your campaign is associated with a quantifiable purpose. Make sure to provide enough details to your donor pool about how you want to use the raised amount.

3. Dedicated Donor Pool

Defining your key donors is very critical. They are the ones who will impact your campaign more profusely than other layman donors. You can also create a group for them and understand what sparks their interests. You can send them personalized articles and newsletters with updates to build a trustworthy and long-lasting relationship with them.

4. Commendable Communication

Communication is the key to a successful campaign. Making a catchy introductory post, keeping your donors engaged with your content and sharing the progress reports from time to time are all crucial to make an impact on your existing as well as prospect donor pool and motivate them to spread the word for better results.

5. Prime Promotion

Promote your online fundraising campaign on social media platforms. Share it with your friends and family. The more people talk about the campaign, the more support it will receive. Let your closed ones act as influencers’ to your campaign to gather more support from their circle of known people. Start a ripple with your trusted circle of people and watch it grow into a wave.

6. Gratitude for Giving

Reaching back your donor with gratitude makes them feel proud of their contribution. You can thank them by calling, sending a emailer or acknowledge them on social media. You can also motivate them for long association by sending them goodies and gift vouchers to appreciate their contribution to your cause.

7. Happy & humble

Donation is not a one-time-only process. Your donors will repeat their giving if they are satisfied with your campaign and your fund utilization updates. Share your success stories to invoke more happiness in them and always keep yourself rooted to the ground. A good impression may also result in word-of-mouth, in turn rewarding your campaigns with more credibility and recognition.

That’s all folks! Now you are prepped up to roll out a fundraising campaign. Support a cause today! Be the Face of Change with Khwahish.

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