Employee Contribution

Employee Contribution

The importance of corporate volunteer programs has increased more than ever. It is associated with the responsibility of the individual towards society and the emotional and functional commitment of an employee with the organization thus promoting both social welfare and employee engagement at a whole new level. Regular contribution from employee gives both happiness and a philanthropic approach to things.

With us, employee can opt for a monthly giving plan for his/her selected cause wherein an agreed part of their salary will be contributed, on their behalf, to the cause they choose. The selected amount will be automatically deducted from their salary account as per their will. These small monthly contributions have the capacity to make a big difference in someone’s life.

Start giving today. Donate now.

To ensure maximum participation from the employees, the organization & senior management has to lead by example. We at Khwahish help you device innovative, creative & strategic corporate programs to promote responsibility amongst your employees.

We put “Fun in Fundraising”. You can choose the type of program you want to follow and learn how to:

  • Create a philanthropic wave amongst employees
  • Improve employee engagement
  • Track, report & manage the process

The only limits to your program currently are finding the right ways to channel it. Think about the giving imprint you want to associate with your organization, the corporate giving culture you want to promote & the extent you want your employees to contribute and let the implementation part to us.

We will present you with unique campaigns based on your requirements so as to leave a mark and support maximum number of social enterprises. No doubt, CSR in its true self !


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