Due Diligence of NGOs

Due Diligence of NGOs

CSR for corporates is no more a tick-box thing, it’s more of a generous act to support the social organizations. You donate 2% of your profits annually ,hence your generosity should be met with generosity. We ensure that your efforts are not wasted by connecting you to NGOs that share your belief of bringing about some change in the society. We ensure that your givings actually reach the ones in need and there is no corruption involved in the process.

We have a strict scrutiny process for the approval of NGOs and ensure there are no offenders in our database. You can select from a pool of validated NGOs and select the cause you want to support for your corporate. The key parameters required for successful assessment of any NGO to get emplaned with us are enumerated below:

  • Profile with defined vision & mission
  • Human Resource Management
  • Financial Management
  • Registration Certificate, Trust Deed, Annual Reports
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G registration
  • Audit Reports, ITR & FCRA returns
  • Fiscal Information Sheet- Compliances of basic legal, regulatory & fiscal norms

We review all the documents and seek any missing information.

Next step is Site Visit where our representative/assessor visits the NGO’s program site. The assessor meets the NGO representatives to understand their perspective which in turn helps us to get an idea of their organizational & behavioral practices.

Once we are satisfied with the information, we empanel the NGO with us as a trusted social enterprise.

Check listed NGO’s here


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