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आ नो भद्राः क्रतवो यन्तु विश्वतः
Let good come from everywhere, from all the world

What makes us human?

It’s our ability to create things and express emotions that defines & differentiates us; ability to love, hate, feel jealous, sympathize & forgive. We were created to serve, serve ourselves and others. While we seek the best for ourselves, we often ignore others and hence lack fulfilment. Human ambition for the purpose of serving oneself certainly cannot provide the sought fulfilment. Whether we remember our purpose of creation and do so, or choose not to fulfil what we were designed to do, determines how fulfilled our life will be. In the end it’s all about good karma!

So you ask what is Khwahish?

Khwahish is YOU. We are individuals just like you, trying to serve others over self, trying to work for something we believe in, trying to make a difference where it matters the most. After investing numerous hours in self we realized what’s the point of reaping the benefits alone? Why have the best of everything when there are numerous fellow humans struggling for the basics? The alarming social gap between rich and poor is what drives and motivates us to work harder.

Would you be OK with being treated as an inferior to another human being and denied your rights just because you lacked opportunities they got? How will you feel being put down with no fault of your own? These are the emotions we wish to eliminate from the society. We envision a future where people get the resources they deserve and don’t miss out.

Khwahish is a crowd funding platform for non profits and a support system for social impactors and innovators, allowing the ones in need to come and ask for help and the contributors to support the cause they believe in. We at Khwahish believe in bringing together the change makers on one platform. After all it all comes down to doing good vs doing nothing.

We believe in spreading smiles, fulfilling one WISH at a time.

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